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Mumma bear style: beyond the bump

Ladies, let’s talk about public exposure. Now, I’m not afraid of a bit of public nudity. I’ve stripped off in a hammam (public bathhouse) in Morocco and I would have gone to an onsen (hot springs, where you traditionally bathe naked) if I hadn’t been pregnant when we were in Japan. And, as predicted, after… Continue reading Mumma bear style: beyond the bump

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How to use social media for good, not evil

And by ‘good’, I mean for retail therapy. I just counted the social media accounts I am responsible for personally, for work and for professional associations: 2 Facebook profiles 2 Facebook pages 2 Instagram accounts 4 Twitter accounts 1 LinkedIn profile Eleven! With all the time it takes to manage this social media presence I… Continue reading How to use social media for good, not evil

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Sunday night style challenge: summer lovin’

Ok, ok, I know it is March. Which means autumn. Which means a seasonal change in clothing…but I don’t think anyone told the weather in South Australia! This week’s style challenge reflects the temperature gauge: summer lovin’. It is an opportunity to give your summer wardrobe one last outing before the days start turning chilly. With… Continue reading Sunday night style challenge: summer lovin’

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Confessions of a (weekend) shopaholic

   Hello March, is that you I see looming on the horizon? I had a crazy start to 2016, thanks to a stack of deadlines which were waiting for me after Christmas. I’ve finally had a chance to come up for air, only to find it’s halfway through February! What happened to January? There is… Continue reading Confessions of a (weekend) shopaholic