I have wander lust. So many places on my bucket list, so little annual leave!

For the past 10 years, I’ve managed to notch up nearly one international trip a year. Some for work, most for pleasure, all amazing for different reasons.

I’ll write more in a separate post on travel, but here is my at-a-glance travel diary:

  • 2008: Fiji, North America, Canada
  • 2009: New Zealand, just Auckland
  • 2010: North America
  • 2011: New Zealand (both islands)
  • 2013: Morocco, Spain, France
  • 2014: Trip 1 – Italy, Sicily (ok, ok, I know this amazing island IS Italy but it deserves its own mention), Spain. Trip 2 – Scotland, Czech Republic (just Prague), Germany
  • 2015: New Zealand (just Queenstown)
  • 2016: Stay tuned 🙂

Here are a few of my favourite places around the world:

Ronda, Spain. Breath-taking in a rugged, ancient, perched-on-a-ravine kind of way. The two sides of this little town are joined with a Roman-built bridge, high above a ravine. Houses cling to the cliffs. Little bars serve amazing tapas. Walk through the beautifully preserved bull-fighting ring and soak up the echoes of cheering crowds long-long. Ride horses around the rugged terrain. Drink rioja. Love.