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Island dreaming

Oh Hamilton Island, just pour me a cocktail (make mine a mocktail) and let me bask in your sunshine a little longer. I may have mentioned once or twice how I tend to hibernate during South Australia’s winter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a weather-ist! I love a crackling fire, cosy jumper and glass… Continue reading Island dreaming

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Mrs M chats to Elizabeth

Elizabeth: I’ve been laying low lately (South Australian winter + crazy work deadlines = hibernation) so the weekend adventures of my lovely friend Elizabeth have inspired this Mrs M Chats profile. Elizabeth is a born traveller (Mr M and I actually met her on the plane to Morocco) who is embracing the fine art of weekending. Who is the real… Continue reading Mrs M chats to Elizabeth

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Confessions of a (weekend) shopaholic

   Hello March, is that you I see looming on the horizon? I had a crazy start to 2016, thanks to a stack of deadlines which were waiting for me after Christmas. I’ve finally had a chance to come up for air, only to find it’s halfway through February! What happened to January? There is… Continue reading Confessions of a (weekend) shopaholic

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Small town, big style

In my career as a journalist, I’ve travelled to regional communities across Australia. I always think it’s important to support the local economy – especially when they have wonderful boutiques! Best of all, you are guaranteed not to look like everyone else. Here are five of my favourite purchases from around regional South Australia, and… Continue reading Small town, big style