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Sunday night style challenge: sentimental favourite

I love jewellery and clothes that have a story to tell – pieces that hold special memories or remind me of someone loved or lost. Maybe I’m feeling a little sentimental as Mr M and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week (you can see some pretty pictures here) but it seems like a perfect… Continue reading Sunday night style challenge: sentimental favourite

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Hard hat not required

Tricky trends: How to incorporate concrete, marble and stone into your home and wardrobe without looking like a construction zone. Industrial-inspired homewares and fashion can be a tricky look to pull off. Here are six ways I have embraced this tough, minimalistic trend without going full-on building worksite. Concrete: Left: This Bo & Co candle… Continue reading Hard hat not required

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Sunday night style challenge: a touch of floral

Tonight’s style challenge is inspired by the lovely evening I spent at Seed Winehouse + Kitchen, Clare, on Friday to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a certain Miss M, soon to be Mrs S. The theme for the evening was ‘a touch of floral’ – our table was a beautiful garden of colourful outfits, topped… Continue reading Sunday night style challenge: a touch of floral

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Confessions of a (weekend) shopaholic

   Hello March, is that you I see looming on the horizon? I had a crazy start to 2016, thanks to a stack of deadlines which were waiting for me after Christmas. I’ve finally had a chance to come up for air, only to find it’s halfway through February! What happened to January? There is… Continue reading Confessions of a (weekend) shopaholic

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A month of style

Working from home has so many perks but I do miss dressing up to go to an office each day. My previous jobs were very people-orientated. I have worked in dynamic regional towns and corporate city offices, travelled across Australia, attended international conferences and liaised with the whole spectrum of agriculture from farmers to politicians to business… Continue reading A month of style