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Island dreaming

Oh Hamilton Island, just pour me a cocktail (make mine a mocktail) and let me bask in your sunshine a little longer. I may have mentioned once or twice how I tend to hibernate during South Australia’s winter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a weather-ist! I love a crackling fire, cosy jumper and glass… Continue reading Island dreaming

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Confessions of a (weekend) shopaholic

   Hello March, is that you I see looming on the horizon? I had a crazy start to 2016, thanks to a stack of deadlines which were waiting for me after Christmas. I’ve finally had a chance to come up for air, only to find it’s halfway through February! What happened to January? There is… Continue reading Confessions of a (weekend) shopaholic


Dining out

It’s Friday night, which means it is almost the weekend, which means you might be heading out to a restaurant for an evening with friends or a date. I’ve picked a couple of my favourite spots to (mini) review on my Dining out page. More to come soon! Love, Mrs M xx