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Spring cleaning week 3: necklaces

Necklaces can be tricky to store. I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a naughty elf in my wardrobe who likes to tie knots in fine chains and tangle long necklaces.

So, for the third part in my spring cleaning series (if you missed the first two, read how I use hangers and boxes to tidy my wardrobe) I’m sharing three tips for keeping necklaces knot-free and easily accessible.


1. The hooks: I stuck a couple of these removable hooks (Command hooks, available in a range of sizes from hardware stores, newsagencies, groceries stores, discount shops etc) to the inside of my wardrobe door, to hang delicate chains. This prevents tangling and knotting, and provides visibility so pieces don’t get forgotten. The hooks can be removed or repositioned without damaging the surface of the door.


2. The hanger: I have repurposed this scarf holder (from Howards Storage World, exact style here) into a necklace hanger. The different ‘spaces’ on the hanger prevent necklaces tangling. I used little wooden pegs (available from Officeworks, kikki.K, Typo, craft stores etc) to attach necklaces which don’t have a clasp.


3. The drawers: Get thee to Officeworks and pick up a set of these A4 drawers (similar style here). They are the perfect way to store statement necklaces especially pieces which need to be stored flat, like this Tiff Manuell hand-painted canvas collar.

How is your spring cleaning going? Found some more space in your wardrobe yet?

Love, Mrs M xx

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