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Spring cleaning week 2: boxes

Last week I kicked off my wardrobe spring cleaning inspiration series – if you missed the first post, click here to see the must-have clothes hangers which will free up so much space in your closet.

This week, my tip is to think outside (or inside) the box.

Idea 1: If you want an easy, colourful way to organise all those ‘bits and pieces’ in your wardrobe, invest in some of these ‘Tjena’ boxes from IKEA. They are a standard product, but the colours change regularly so stock up if you want a coordinated set, or mix and match.


I have bought several sizes to store different items:

1. Shallow box with compartments for storing bangles:Boxes4.JPG2. Medium box for ‘filing’ clutch bags:boxes23. Large box for hats, fascinators etc:


Idea 2: Think outside the box for other great storage solutions. This tray is from Typo – it was the packaging for little wooden letters which I used for wedding decorations, but it has lived on as a container to separate necklaces, earrings and rings.


How is your spring cleaning going?

Love, Mrs M xx

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