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Fast five: travel beauty

Travelbeauty (5)

I have a confession: I’m a premature packer.

The moment I see a holiday on the horizon, I start mentally preparing. A week or two out, I draft off clothes for the trip, start planning combinations, and cull/add items as needed. I’m usually completely packed a few days in advance (and then, of course, have to rifle through my bag to find clothes I want to wear before we actually leave).

In my mind, I pack a carefully curated capsule wardrobe where everything works together. In reality, I tend to get a bit socially excited and try and fit all the beautiful things I rarely get to wear into my suitcase.

Travelling with Mr M has definitely forced me to become a more efficient packer. There is nothing like backpacking to encourage a minimalist travel wardrobe!

However, our next holiday will be a little different. Mr M is recovering from an operation (no heavy lifting for six weeks) and I am sporting a six months baby bump, so we are ditching the backpacks for our upcoming Queensland getaway. Although, I did wonder if carrying a pack might balance out my bump…

I might over-pack in the shoes/clothes department, but one thing I am good at is taking the bare minimum in my toiletry case. Regardless of destination, I have pared it back to a few beauty basics which tick three travel boxes:

  • Small, spill-proof containers
  • Easy to use/wear products
  • Double-duty time-savers.

Here are five of my jet-setting favourites:

Travelbeauty (1)

  1. Cocoa butter moisturising stick, The Body Shop (75g): I first discovered this little gem 15 years ago, when I worked at The Body Shop during university. It was a must-buy for pregnant women to combat stretch marks, but the spill-proof container also makes it perfect for travel. It kind of looks like a glue-stick, but this solid moisturising stick softens with the heat of your body as you rub it on. That means no suitcase leakages and no greasy hands after application. Plus it smells so good!
  2. Vitamin E Cool BB Cream, The Body Shop (50ml): This tinted moisturiser provides lightweight coverage for a natural, low-maintenance holiday look.
  3. Cucumber refreshing facial cleansing wipes, Swisspers (5 wipes): Double-duty products are important for travelling. I replace my home bottle of make-up remover with a full-size (25) pack of these wipes when I travel, and carry the mini pack  in my on-board luggage for quick facial refresh to combat the plane’s drying air.
  4. Lip gloss with mirror (in peach), Nutrimetics (6.2ml): With a built-in LED light and mirror, this tinted lip gloss works for travel touch-ups and is the perfect clutch-sized companion for a night out. Witchery also has fabulous lip glosses with mirrored caps.
  5. Conditioning remover wipes, Revitanail (30 wipes): These nail polish remover wipes are amazing! I don’t even bother with bottles of nail polish remover anymore, as these pre-soaked, acetone-free wipes prevent spills and have the added bonus of smelling nice. Plus, the vitamin E leaves nails hydrated and conditioned rather than dried-out. Perfect for a spill-free pedi/mani while traveling.

I’d love to know what products always stow-away in your luggage?

Love, Mrs M xx


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