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How to use social media for good, not evil

And by ‘good’, I mean for retail therapy.

I just counted the social media accounts I am responsible for personally, for work and for professional associations:

  • 2 Facebook profiles
  • 2 Facebook pages
  • 2 Instagram accounts
  • 4 Twitter accounts
  • 1 LinkedIn profile

Eleven! With all the time it takes to manage this social media presence I can see why you are surprised I still have time to shop. Clearly I have great time management skills.

Social media ticks several boxes for me: it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world, connect professionally, and discover new places to eat, shop and visit.

Social media – especially Instagram – has also opened up a whole new world of beautiful trinkets. (Because I needed that.)

I love trawling through beautiful Instagram feeds, admiring home décor, lusting after pretty clothes and being inspired by treasures from across the globe.

Some of my favourite boutiques (bricks-and-mortar and online) rely on Facebook and Instagram instead of websites, so these platforms are an excellent place for regular updates on new products. A bonus is that clothes are usually styled on real people in natural lighting – so much better for choosing sizes and colours than stiff, over-styled website images.

Here are some of the pretty things I have found on social media this year. What can I say? They followed me home.

Polka dot jumper from @bellayorkeardrossan:


Handmade necklace from @marytedcreative:


Beaded sandals from @southofthebordersydney:


Handmade necklace from @midnightandcoco:

Mrs M’s 7 social media shopping tips:

1. ‘Liking’ photos on Instagram allows you to create a wishlist, so you can revisit and shop to your heart’s content (Click on the icon in the top right corner on your own Instagram profile, to find the ‘Posts that you’ve liked’ option.)

2. Comment on Instagram/Facebook posts to ask questions about sizing, price and fit – this can produce a quicker response from the retailer than email or website query forms.

3. Even if stores have a website, keep an eye on their social media profiles for sales and new products. There are often special discount codes for social media followers.

4. When your gorgeous purchase arrives, upload a selfie or flatlay featuring it onto Instagram/Facebook and tag the store  – it’s a great way to show other people how an item of clothing looks on your body type. Instagram shops will often share the love and repost your photo too. Recognise anyone in these Instagram feeds?

5. Build a rapport with the shops you love. Some of my favourites tag me in photos (or message me) when they have something they think I would like. I’m not going to lie, this is a very effective method for filling Mrs M’s wardrobe, so well played girls!

6. Follow stylists and fashion bloggers – they will tag the brands they wear so you can track down looks you love. You know how it goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

7. Don’t rule out personal Instagram feeds as a place to purchase. Often, stylists will sell pre-loved pieces on their own accounts. I scored this gorgeous vintage scarf from @sarebohemia.

Socialshopping (4)
Vintage scarf sourced from Instagram / BritstichUK bag / Boots from South of the Border Sydney / Denim from Lalt Collective, Clare, SA / Top from Barcelona, Spain.

Happy social shopping!

Love, Mrs M xx

(Disclaimer: The gorgeous Mary Ted Creative necklace was gifted to me, but I would have bought it anyway! Midnight and Coco also  kindly gifted me a pair of earrings to match the necklace I purchased. All other items were purchased because I loved them!)

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