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Some fluffy bunnies for you to enjoy

Oh hello long weekend, is that you I see on the horizon? I’ve picked out a couple trinkets from my favourite on-line marketplaces to take you into Easter.

The earrings your wardrobe is missing:

I love all of Lucy’s Clay and Clasp designs, but these are my picks for Easter. I mean, really! A head-and-tail bunny and little chicks? How can you resist? These gorgeous hand-made polymer clay sets are $25 each from Etsy.

Details to take Easter gifts to the next level:

If you’re not in the habit of giving Easter gifts you might want to start just so you can use these gorgeous hand-made clay tags from mud by nest (at Down That Little Lane). Add a touch of glam to the Easter Egg Hunt this year with gorgeous bags, $18.95 each from IdTee/IdPet (also at Down That Little Lane).

Egg and spoon sets which will change how you eat soft-boiled eggs:

These blue and white fine bone china flower pot and shovel sets are. Just. Too. Cute. $80 for set of two, from LAHLA (at Hard to Find). I also love this dippy egg breakfast board, $46.90 from Anrol Designs (at Hard to Find).

Enjoy your hot cross buns!

Love, Mrs M xx

Images courtesy of Clay and Clasp, Down That Little Lane and Hard To FindMrs M is an affiliate of Down That Little Lane. See the fine print.

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