Mrs M chats to Anne

Welcome to my new series, Mrs M Chats. Join me as I take a peek into the wardrobes of my gorgeous friends to discover their style secrets.

MrMChats_Anne (2)
Anne rocks the all-white look at Diner en Blanc, Sydney, 2014.

Lawyer by day, socialite by night – my gorgeous jet-setting friend Anne has travelled, lived and worked around the world. Today, she calls Perth home. You can find her here, rocking her lululemons as she trains for the next marathon or frocking up for a fabulous event or evening out with friends.

Who is the real Anne? I’m a corporate lawyer and spend a lot of time in the office, but I love to escape to the beach before or after work. I also love travelling and do a ridiculous amount of exercise – I’ve done a few marathons and am training for a half ironman triathlon at the moment.

What would we find in your wardrobe? Unfortunately, mainly work clothes. I usually get dressed for work at the gym so I need a pretty low fuss wardrobe. Luckily I like a more casual style anyway so it’s not much of a sacrifice. I’m going through a bit of a silk phase at the moment, which doesn’t really fit the low fuss requirement, but it’s pretty so I make an exception…..

Any pieces with a story?  I bought a red leather jacket in Florence when I was backpacking when I was 25, and I still absolutely love it. I sometimes think I should have gone for a more versatile black but I always get so many compliments when I wear it that it makes me glad I got something a little different.

What clothing is on high-rotation in your wardrobe?  Lots of exercise gear (lululemon definitely makes me run faster), but also an electric blue silk t-shirt from Grana and a wrap around dress from Zara.

Fun and classic: This gorgeous red leather jacket was a Florence find, while an elegant wrap-around dress from Zara is a wardrobe staple.

What is your favourite season for style? The ‘in between’ season where you can wear jeans and not be too hot, but also wear a sleeveless top and not be too cold.

Any style tips? Organise your wardrobe! I’ve just finished reading Marie Kondo’s The life-changing magic of tidying. I just spent the weekend putting it into practice, and I’m totally sold. In a nutshell – get rid of everything that doesn’t bring you joy, hang things so that they make a line slanting upwards from left to right with heavier things on the left, arrange clothes in your drawers in rows so you can see everything (rather than in piles), and fold your clothes into little rectangles that stand upright, like this illustrated guide.

Where are your favourite places to shop: My absolute favourite at the moment is – it was started by an Australian guy and sells only the best quality fabrics at extremely affordable prices. I also love Anthropologie and buy up big whenever I’m in a country with a store (Mrs M also introduced me to the fact that they deliver to Australia, which was bad news for my bank account while the Aussie dollar was still strong). At home I like Country Road and can usually find something I like in Zara.

Top that: Anne mixes online finds such as this gorgeous silk top from Grana with pieces from Australian stores, like this print top from Country Road (which Mrs M is lusting after).

Any style challenges? I struggle with weekend ‘nice but not too fancy’ outfits – I feel like my wardrobe is full of clothes that are either very casual, too ‘work-ish’ or too nice (e.g. I’d wear them to the races or a wedding), but I struggle finding something to wear to dinner with friends or Sunday afternoon drinks.

Whose style would you steal? Blake Lively – both in-character as Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl and in real life as herself!

Favourite reason to dress up, and what would you wear? Weddings are my favourite reason to dress up. I try to get my nails done and pretty much always wear a coloured frock with heels.

Lust-have of the moment?  I’ve been looking for a new pair of knee high boots for at least a year now and just can’t find the right pair – the soles are always too chunky!

Thanks for throwing open your wardrobe doors for us Anne!

Love, Mrs M xx

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