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Sunday night style challenge: sentimental favourite

I love jewellery and clothes that have a story to tell – pieces that hold special memories or remind me of someone loved or lost.

Maybe I’m feeling a little sentimental as Mr M and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week (you can see some pretty pictures here) but it seems like a perfect reason to trot out some of my special trinkets.

I’m sure you have some special pieces too, so why not take them out of their safe keeping and give them some love this week.

From my wardrobe:

I pinned brooches owned by both of my late grandmothers onto my wedding bouquet:

My grandfather gave this gorgeous sapphire and diamond bracelet to my grandmother for her 21st, and she gave it to me on my 21st so it is very special. This bangle was also worn by my mother and sister on their wedding days, and I continued the family tradition when I wore it as ‘something old’ and ‘something blue’.

My most special piece of jewellery, though, is my engagement ring. I love that Mr M picked it out on his own, it’s just perfect!

I also have some of my mother’s clothes from the 1970s. I love knowing that these pieces have lived a whole life of their own before they made it into my wardrobe! My mother is from the US, so these pieces have travelled the world! I’ve blogged about a pair of her boots before, I also love this delicate cream peasant blouse which is an autumn staple, paired with skinny jeans and high boots.

For your wardrobe:

Sentimental pieces can’t just be bought on a whim, they need love and thought, but I have found a couple lovely trinkets which might be the start of a new story.

Coordinates bracelet, $23.96 (currently on sale): Channel Angelina Jolie without having to get tattooed with these hand-stamped bracelets from STMPDShop (at Hard to Find).

Wooden sound wave locket, $84.50: Seriously, how cool is this! You can send a sound recording – such as your partner saying ‘I do’, or your baby’s heartbeat, or even your dog barking – to Newton and the Apple (at Hard to Find) and they will capture it forever as a sound wave.

Initial charm necklace, $85: I think these delicate recycled silver charms  from TobyE (at Down That Little Lane*) would look beautiful layered, as a tribute to all the special people in your life.

How will you be styling your sentimental pieces this week?

Love, Mrs M xx



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