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Sunday night style challenge: animal instinct

I have to admit, tonight’s style challenge is purely for selfish reasons because I need an excuse to wear a new purchase – this leopard print hand-made polymer clay necklace by the wonderful Midnight & Coco.

Is it not fun? And leopard-ish? And PINK!

animalprint (2).JPG
Midnight & Coco earrings (gifted) and necklace.

Anyway, when I searched for other pieces for this theme I was surprised to find I do, in fact, have a little zoo in my wardrobe.

Here are some more of my favourite pieces:

Run, rabbit, run: I love these hand-made porcelain earrings by Victorian designer Amelia Kingston. Style match: ooh look, they are still available from her Etsy store!)

animalprint (8).JPG

Leaping leopard: Not sure if these will make me run fast, but I’m chuffed with the latest addition to my shoe-drobe, from Walnut Melbourne (on sale via Brands Exclusive).

Animal kingdom: If you take a closer look at this appropriately-named Zoology dress from Mackenzie Mode, you’ll see a pair of snow leopards and a galah.

I haven’t even started on birds, so let’s save that for another style challenge!

3 for under $30

Release the beast in your own wardrobe and home with these finds:

Sheep earrings, $25: Sheep. Earrings. I really have nothing more to say. These hand-made earrings from Clay and Clasp (at Etsy) are a need, not a want. I mean, sheep earrings? Too cute!

Rabbit brooch, $26: There are plenty of rabbit accessories available, but this one stands out. I love the fragmented colours in this brooch from Bok Bok B’Gerk. (at Down That Little Lane.*) Best bit? His name is Henry!

Rhino book dividers, $24: Excuse me, is that a rhinoceros in your book shelf? Designed by Amor Amor (at Hard to Find), this is a quirky way mark your favourite books, or simply create unique subject divisions.

Why not join me and show off your animal instinct this week? Grrr baby!

Love, Mrs M xx

 3 for under $30 images courtesy of Clay and ClaspDown That Little Lane and Hard To Find.

* Mrs M is an affiliate of Down That Little Lane. See the fine print.


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