F is for flamingo

I hereby declare February the first as Flamingo Day! Because, alliteration. Because, flamingos. Because, well – do I really need a reason?

Anyone who knows Mrs M knows I love a flamingo. Or several.

Flamingo flash-backs

Here are some of my favourite flamingo moments:

1. The day Freddie the Flamingo joined us at the polo in Sydney. 2. The day I was accompanied by an inflatable flamingo for my hen’s party at the polo in Adelaide. (From these images, it appears flamingos like Champagne and a day at the polo as much as Mrs M does.)

3. The day my bestie sent me a flamingo for my garden. 4. The day I discovered the wallpaper of my dreams in a Darwin shop.

3 for under $30

I’ve trawled one of my favourite places for pretty things, Down That Little Lane,* for more fabulous flamingos just for you!

Flamingo wall knob, $20: How gorgeous are these flamingo hooks from Knobbly – I think I need a flock of them!

Flamingo print, $14 (on sale): This beautiful print from Maggie’s Place will add some flaming-spiration to your life.

Flamingo wall decals, $30: I don’t think Mr M would be very impressed if I put these darlings from April Mae on our walls, so I’ll just dream.

Yours in flamingo fabulousness!

Love, Mrs M xx

*Down That Little Lane is an affiliate store. If you shop these lovely flamingos, you won’t pay anything extra but will help Mrs M to keep bringing you pretty things.

Image credit: Flamingo knob/print/wall decal images courtesy of Down That Little Lane.





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