The day I fed Mr M birdseed

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I thought it was time for a non-fashion post, so let’s talk about another one of Mrs M’s loves: food.

Now, when it comes to food, I’m wary of fads, trends and broad-sweeping labels. My ‘food philosophy’ is nutritional, fresh and local whenever possible. I definitely know where my lamb, pork and eggs come from (our own farm!) and Mr M and I have a herb garden (excellent) and vegie patch (temperamental). We care for our animals. We compost our food scraps. We recycle.

We are also real people. We eat chocolate. Drink alcohol. Can’t function without our morning coffees. Sometimes eat food with more than four ingredients on the label. Buy imported Spanish jamon. My point is, we aim for balance and deliciousness and don’t beat ourselves up if we eat something a bit naughty.

One of my two New Year’s Resolutions was to use all my recipe books, but I also love looking up new recipes online. Some of my favourite spots are Taste for easy week-night meals, SBS Food for more creative dishes, and lifestyle blogs for tried-and-tested recipes.

I’m always keen to try new recipes especially if they might be a bit good for us.

However, when I do go on a health kick, it is Mr M who often suffers. Let’s not mention Michelle Bridges 2013.

So when I told him I was making ‘life changing bread’ the response was unenthusiastic. He perked up a bit when the smell of nutty goodness wafted from the oven. He condescended to sample a piece. First bite: ‘Tastes like birdseed.’ Second bite. ‘Nice birdseed.’

bread (2)

I wouldn’t describe this bread as life changing – I don’t have any food intolerances so the recipe hasn’t opened up a whole new culinary world. However, it is kind of awesome with jam and would be delicious with avocado, smoked salmon or honey (not together). It is tasty and really filling. Those birds are really onto something, hey?


So what is it? The recipe I used is here – you just mix up a potion of seedy/nutty/grainy goodness (flax seeds, almonds, chia, sunflower seeds, oats), add some psyllium husks for fibre, and mix through coconut oil, water and maple syrup (or honey or stevia) for sweetness. Let it rest for two hours and pop it in the oven.

Now, I know some will challenge the health of the recipe, whether or not it is gluten free, etc etc, but I didn’t cook this bread to be controversial.

I cooked it because it sounded delicious and easy. Which is was. No kneading. No proofing the dough. Just mix, rest, bake, enjoy.

Have you tried any new recipes lately?

Loves, Mrs M xx

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