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Sunday night style challenge: pen to paper


I’m kicking off my Sunday Night Style Challenges with a non-fashion task for my gorgeous readers: bring back the written word, with style!

I had lovely phone chats with two of my friends this weekend – both live interstate and speaking to them reinforced how much I miss traditional communication in this digital world. (Mrs M says, as she types an online blog!)

So, how about we all put pen to paper this week and drop a line to someone special, who lives far away or even nearby.

Here are some gorgeous note cards to inspire you:


Arrows: Paper Source // Purchased online from Modcloth. Bicycle: Foil embossed // 9th Letter Press // Shop onlinePineapple: Copper embossed // Hartland Brooklyn// purchased from Have You Met Charlie, Adelaide. Flamingo: Letterpress // The J Falkner collection // Shop online. Caravan: Screen-printed // Ivy & Lil // Purchased at markets in Melbourne but available here.

2 thoughts on “Sunday night style challenge: pen to paper

  1. What a great idea! How nice is it to receive something via “snail mail” these days ☺️

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