Two onesies

The last two months of 2015 were a social whirlwind for me.  Two crazy-fun hen’s parties, two beautiful weddings (I had the honour of being a bridesmaid in one), and some very fun outings in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Of course, such a full dance-card requires some new outfits, right? (Mr M, if you are reading this, “what, this old thing?” may or may not be the truth.)

I always admire girls who can rock the playsuit/jumpsuit (or, as I have been known to call it, the adult-onesie). One of my gorgeous friends (let’s call her Miss M) looked stunning in an elegant black jumpsuit at our wedding, but it is a hard look to pull off.

However, I wore not one, but two, jumpsuits in December – to the polo and the croquet, darh-ling!

Onesie 1: Floral silk

I bought a fabulous floral silk jumpsuit from Anthropologie more than a year ago and the poor thing has been hanging out in my wardrobe. It’s one of those pieces that I’m just not brave enough to wear in my ‘country life’, it really needs a city outing.

Now, anyone who knows Mrs M knows she loves the polo! The first time I went to a ‘Polo in the City’ showcase in Queensland I met Mr M…and we all know how that turned out! Since then, I’ve been to the polo at least once a year, in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Just to clarify, not to meet a man, but because I just love the atmosphere, the action, the glamour, the bubbles… My gorgeous bridesmaids even held my hen’s party at the Adelaide Polo – it was so much fun!

Anyway, back to the onesie – if I was ever going to wear it, it was going to be at the polo: a beautiful summer evening in the park watching men on horses and clinking champagne glasses with my besties.

How I wore it: Floral silk Fleur Wood jumpsuit [Anthropologie]. Coral wedges [Mollini]. Rose gold and coral bracelets [Myer]. Rose gold clutch [Elms+King].
Onesie 2: Stripes

I love the Australian designer OnceWas (formerly SpencerLacy) and have bought a few great pieces over the years – their clothes are ‘edgy-classic’ with great detailing. They had a great jumpsuit last year in striped, black and red – I bought the striped style (on sale!) and have worn it a couple times already.

The first time was to the pop-up Royal Croquet Club in Melbourne in late December – my gorgeous friend Miss L took me there. We spent a lovely summer evening soaking up the chilled atmosphere and sampling street-food.

How I wore it: OnceWas striped jumpsuit [OnceWas]. Beaded sandals [Witchery, 2014]. Blue eelskin clutch [Stomp Shoes, Darwin]. Beaded necklace [Anthropologie]. Turquoise ring [vintage, purchased in New Mexico, USA]
I dressed the jumpsuit down with flats and I think it worked well. It came in handy climbing up into the tall umpire chairs to watch the croquet from on-high, definitely more practical than a skirt. And look – it even featured in a photo on the Royal Croquet Club’s social media – that’s Miss L and I on the right.

Image: The Royal Croquet Club, Melbourne.
I wore this outfit again on holidays to Port Lincoln with Mr M in December. He started laughing as soon as I put it on – never a good sign – because thought it made me look like Marty, the zebra from the movie Madagascar.

Hmmm…you can be the judge of that:


Love, Mrs M xx


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